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2(2afl)2(2ca)2(2bcl)2(2cfg) / 2221 / 2 perc / hp.cel(pno) / 32222


8'30" ca.

commissioned by:

London Philharmonic Orchestra and
Adam Mickiewicz Institute
as part of the Polska Music programme


first performance:

Royal Festival Hall 

Members of London Philharmonic Orchestra, Foyle Future Firsts, 


I was thinking about the piece as a vivid archive of remembrance. The orchestra became a surface, the wondrous apparatus through which I capture and broadcast the vanishing memories. It is also a reflection of the decline and decay and the fin de siècle ambiance is embedded underneath the piece. However, as it alludes to the time that that is not existing anymore it carries all of the aesthetic admiration and interplay, but also the fear of what Svetlana Boym called the restorative nostalgia in her Future of Nostalgia: “is at the core of recent national and religious revivals; it knows two main plots the return to origins and the conspiracy”.

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