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…still in the middle of happening




Bass Clarinet in Bb






Cassette tapes playback 


5'30" ca.

first performance:

rainy days 2020 - coe together
Luxembourg Composition Academy 

neimënster, Luxembourg

United Instruments of Lucilin 


The piece originated from the Ali Smith’s novel Autumn: Here’s an old story so new that it’s still in the middle of happening. There is important link between this and the world in 2020: now we could feel nostalgia referring to the present, rather than a past. I was working with elusive musical gestures, the relation between what happened just before and what will happen yet. The musical material was derived from Bach’s chorale Wenn mein Stündlein vorhanden ist. Although, it is almost uncatchable, I treated it as a reflective, almost ghost-like reference. This approach is expressed through the dualism between the cassettes and acoustic instruments, the low and high fidelity soundscapes, the physical objects and abstraction. 

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