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[title unknown] (2022/23)




Flute (also Alto, Bass), Clarinet (also Bass), Percussion (also Sampler), Piano/Synth, Violin, Cello, Electronics (Sampler)


20' ca.

commissioned by and dedicated to:​

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna

generously supported by:

Creative Scholarship of the City of Krakow 

kompozycja powstała ze środków pochodzących ze "Stypendium Twórczego Miasta Krakowa"

first performance:

Sacrum Profanum Interactions ​


I started to work on this piece by recording a small song. While playing the electric piano and singing, I was thinking about the fragile, almost magical objects that for others are almost unnoticeable but keep a personal emotional meaning. Close to my apartment in Cracow, there is a large office from the 60s, similar to almost every building from that time. However, one of its walls is covered by 1,600 000 colorful ceramic tiles which create an abstract mosaic. Later I found that the artist, Celina Styrylska-Taranczewska is almost completely forgotten. In the 90s it was meant to be demolished, however, the story of people keeping it from destruction became also a story about creating small communities. 

This piece originated from a friendship with the Ensemble. In the end, the recorded voice and harmonies sounded completely imperfect, I decided to keep it unpolished though, as a small contribution to the musicians of witnessing my own weakness. That was also something I learned from Niels Rønsholdt and I’m absolutely grateful to him for that. 


[title unknown] is dedicated to Spółdzielnia Muzyczna and it was composed thanks to the Creative Scholarship of the City of Cracow.

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