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Faites vos jeux (2018)




violin, cello, piano, video and electronics 





first performance:

Paulina Woś, vn.

Jakub Gusik, vc.

Martyna Zakrzewska, pno.

Elementi 6, Cracow


I think that silent films got a lot more things right than talkies. Barry and Lady Lyndon sit at the gaming table and exchange lingering looks. They do not say a word. Lady Lyndon goes out on the balcony for some air. Barry follows her outside. They gaze longingly into each other's eyes and kiss. Still not a word is spoken. It's very romantic, but at the same time, I think it suggests the empty attraction they have for each other that is to disappear as quickly as it arose. It sets the stage for everything that is to follow in their relationship. 


— Stanley Kubrick in conversation with Michel Ciment

photos by: photo: Martin Dam Kristensen (1), Aleksandra Kaca (3)

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