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It helps relieve tension (2017/18)


2017 (#1) 2018 (#2)


#1: bass flute, double bass, electronics

#2: 2 solo flute, electronics




first performance: 


Ewa Liebchen, fl.

Tadeusz Wielecki, db.

International Summer Course SynthetisRadziejowice, 28.07.2017


Łucja Chyrzyńska, fl. 

Warsaw Autumn (fringe event), 26.09.2018

The piece is the musical recreation of famous jail scene from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks (episode 8). I was astonished, how overdrawn and campy the relationship between Donna and James was presented. The original soundtrack’s  (composed by Angelo Badalamenti) leading vibrating flute melody was another important part of the composition. 

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