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Paradise Blue [we'd never be apart] (2021)




Bass Clarinet, Accordion, Electronics



commissioned by:

Adam Mickiewicz Institute

as part of the Polska Music programme

written for:

Roche-Zöllner Duo

first performance:

Roche-Zöllner Duo, Gaudeamus Muziekweek

There is a promise of better reality in the delicate shades of blue used by airlines, motor companies and leisure resorts. I was thinking about the jet-era, which started, as pointed Vanessa R. Schwarz: „a new kind of experience: going far, fast, while seeming to go nowhere at all.“ While looking at the archival material from that time I was feeling the dreamlike optimism and belief in progress and technology. Now, it seems to me like an entirely imaginary realm, which is realised in the piece through the keyboard and amplified surface between Eva and Heather. The simplest, naive actions performed together, could become a rituals against the capitalist realism malaise. 

Video on Demand:

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