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They can't see you like I can (2018)




bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, audio playback, live video




first performance:

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble:

Tomasz Sowa, b. cl.

Krzysztof Guńka, bar. sxf.

commisioned by:

Sacrum Profanum Festival

Places devoted to the night,

Remote from tumult and from noise,

How ye my restless thoughts delight!

O solitude, my sweetest choice.


— Katherine Philips


In this short piece, the musicians are separated from each other by a physical barrier, and their only source of contact with each other are TV screens. Like artificial marble, aloe vera and gold, stock background music is an inseparable element of the repetitive, almost identical public spaces so characteristic of late capitalism. 

Cover photo by Michał Ramus/Sacrum Profanum

Photos 2-6 by `Karol Sokołowski/NFM

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